The Villages of Rothwell and Lochaven awarded six leaves by the UDIA Envirodevelopment Committee

The Villages of Rothwell and Lochaven awarded six leaves by the UDIA Envirodevelopment Committee

Last Friday The Villages of Rothwell in Tarneit and Lochaven in Cranbourne West were accredited as Envirodevelopment communities by the UDIA, achieving all six sustainability leaves.

Envirodevelopment is a scientifically based assessment scheme that independently reviews and awards certifications to development projects that achieve outstanding performance across six sustainability elements- ecosystem, water, energy, materials, water and community. The award is presented to communities, that excel in sustainability, and go beyond the minimum compliance standards to further benefit future residents living in the community.

Dacland communities are designed to ensure that the places we create will continue to evolve and serve the people that live there over the decades to come. In all of our design work, we consider sustainable design principles that add value both today and in the future. Dacland General Manager of Design , Jonathon Fetterplace, believes that the envirodevelopment award will benefit purchasers across Dacland’s communities.

“We’re very excited to receive all six category leaves under the Envirodevelopment criteria. This award is evidence that residents in both Rothwell Villages and Lochaven will be living in a community with minimal environmental impact, one that encourages safe, healthy and active lifestyles and results in lower household energy and water costs,” said Jonathon.

“Dacland’s planning and design efforts from acquisition right through to supporting our residents upon their move into the community saw our communities well positioned when it came to the stringent Envirodevelopment criteria. In house design and planning ensures that attention is paid to every detail, that every opportunity to benefit the community, the environment and the future can be considered”

The UDIA evaluates communities based on the considered design process and provision of re-usable sources to determine the community’s ability to provide wellbeing for future residents, both now and into the future. The 6 pillars help produce sustainable greenfield developments, and green homes. Purchasers in Rothwell and Lochaven could also reap the benefit of financial savings as they are encouraged to help shape a sustainable community. “Purchasers are encouraged to contribute to creating sustainable communities in their build. Having an energy efficient home creates more comfortable indoor environments, reducing the purchasers need for air conditioning or heating. This could reduce power bills by about 20%. Purchasers in our communities may also be eligible to apply for “green home loans” and rebates for incorporating water tanks or re-usable energy sources in their home,” said Jonathon.

Dacland communities are regarded for their access to extensive green spaces, which not only provide public amenities connecting the residents who live there, but help preserve and enhance the natural environment. This award is a title to be proud of, not just for Dacland, but for the future residents living in both Rothwell and Lochaven.

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