The Villages of Rothwell have been reviewed and accredited as an EnviroDevelopment certified community by the Urban Development Institute of Australia.

At Rothwell considered design and the provision of reusable sources position it as a community that excels in sustainability and goes beyond the minimum compliance standards to further benefit future residents living in the community.

This accreditation is an independent measure of best practice and sustainability of the community across several measures represented by leaves including:

  • Waste Rothwell implements multiple waste management procedures and practices to reduce the amount of waste to landfill and facilitate recycling.
  • Materials Rothwell uses environmentally responsible materials and construction methods to lower environmental impacts of material usage.
  • Ecosystems Rothwell has many programs to protect and enhance the native ecosystems and ecological function, and rehabilitation of degraded sites.
  • Energy Rothwell takes measures to optimise energy reduction across the community beyond current regulatory requirements.
  • Water At Rothwell we take measures which reduce potable drinking water use across the community beyond current regulatory measures.
  • Community Rothwell’s design welcomes a diversity of people and adapts to their changing needs. Rothwell provides facilities and parks that promote community spirit, and encourage healthy, active lifestyles.

The community is recertified each year against set criteria, to help you understand what part you can play in continuing to evolve the Villages of Rothwell as a class leading community, download your community guide here.

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