Dacland supports new Wyndham Vale Soccer Club

Dacland supports new Wyndham Vale Soccer Club

Dacland has joined forces with the newly formed Wyndham Vale Soccer Club to promote healthy active lifestyles in the region.

As the founding sponsor in 2016, Dacland will actively support the new club in increasing its membership and encouraging children to try out a new sport.

Dacland Managing Director John Dwyer said the partnership was a natural fit. “We are absolutely delighted to help the Wyndham Vale Soccer Club get up and running. It’s so close to our communities in the West, and we’re keen to be involved in contributing to the wellbeing of our new residents, and in seeing great communities grow strong.”

Club President, Syed Ahsan said many of the surrounding soccer clubs were already full and it made sense to form a new club in the rapidly growing Wyndham Vale area. “Internationally, soccer is hugely popular and is one of the top sports played by Australian kids aged between six and 13 years old. We’ve started with two junior teams but we know interest will grow as more and more families move into this area,” he said.

John believes access to open space is key to promoting healthy lifestyles. “Our planning and design is driven by our conviction that every single resident deserves a great lifestyle in a great community. We make it our priority to create beautiful outdoor recreational areas where people really love to be. This includes designing open and inviting streetscapes that encourage kids and adults to get active, and ensuring our streets are as pedestrian and cyclist friendly as possible,” John said.

Residents interested in joining the new Wyndham Vale Soccer Club can contact the club by email wyndhamvalesoccer@gmail.com or Facebook. The club is also offering future residents at Rothwell a $50 reduction on their annual membership fee on joining the club. The Wyndham Vale Soccer Club will be part of the Wyndham Healthy Active Expo to be held on 17 September 2016 and prospective members are welcome to visit the club booth and sign up for 2017 during the Expo.

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