Construction at Rothwell is underway!

Construction at Rothwell is underway!

Construction has commenced at Rothwell, one of the top selling residential developments in Melbourne’s west.

When completed, Rothwell will comprise around 1700 homes located amongst an assembly of beautifully landscaped walkways and creeks framed by shady tree canopies. Its 160 hectares include quiet avenues that inspire quality family living.

Released in May 2015, Rothwell swiftly became one of west’s top selling residential developments.

“Rothwell is set to establish a new standard of living in the west,” explained John C Dwyer, Dacland’s Managing Director.

“This impressive new community is appealing to those with a sense of genuine quality, and promises a lifetime of sophisticated living. Residents will enjoy less driving and more walking, generous wide open spaces and ample lifestyle choices,” John said.

Works have begun on a reserve area 10 metres wide on each side of Rothwell’s entranceway setting the scene for a beautifully landscaped entry to the new community. The completed entranceway will reflect Rothwell’s growing reputation as a prestige community with a generosity of open space and natural appeal. Over time the entry will be framed by trees and distinctive landscaping rather than structures such as gateways or signs.

Rothwell is within walking distance of Tarneit train station and the future Tarneit town centre next to the station. The town centre will feature major retailers as well as boutique stores, restaurants, business facilities and health and fitness amenities. It is close to a host of existing and proposed childcare centre, schools, medical centres and shopping centres. Rothwell itself will include two commercial centres, two primary schools and a neighbourhood activity centre.

“Rothwell’s location, amenity and proximity to transport are all outstanding,” John said. “Its plentiful waterways and rich natural heritage create a beautiful setting for Dacland’s stylish, award-winning community design. A real mix of housing options contributes to the appealing streetscapes that will see Rothwell become the best address in Tarneit.”

Whether it’s a stroll to the shops, a kick in the park, walking the dog by the creek or just relaxing in the garden, everyone in the family will revel in Rothwell’s generous open spaces.

Dacland’s Mitchell’s Run community in Melbourne’s north, which won the 2013 Urban Development Industry Award for Excellence, also drew heavily from the local topography and natural landscape with outstanding results. The project featured clever urban design and ensured easy access to local amenities. Mature river red gums were preserved within the design, along with other significant vegetation, adding local character and a real sense of place to the community. This philosophy is integral to all Dacland communities, including Rothwell.

“We help shape a better future by creating a real sense of place everyone who lives in a Dacland community,” John said.

Dacland is well established in Melbourne’s west, with King’s Leigh in Werribee, Wynbrook in Wyndham Vale and Manzeene Village, north of Geelong.

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