Big blocks at Rothwell attract couples ready for a family

Big blocks at Rothwell attract couples ready for a family

Recently married couple Raj and Neeha say the generous block sizes, beautifully landscaped parks and modern house designs made the decision to buy at Dacland’s Rothwell community easy!

Raj and Neeha have lived locally for five years and knew they wanted to raise their children in an area that is familiar to them. “The deciding factors to buy at Rothwell were the size of the blocks, the gorgeous parks and gardens and the community feel,” Raj said.

As a young couple keen to start a family, Raj and Neeha were keen to choose a community that’s right for their needs both now and into the future. They are planning to start their family as soon as they settle in to their new home, so the wide selection of quality schools and local amenities nearby were critical to their decision.

“We chose Rothwell because it’s close to the town centre so there are lots of amenities close by including the hospital, shopping centres and excellent schools. The neighbourhood is also extremely safe, which was very important to us,” he said.

Leading a very active lifestyle Raj and Neeha will be taking full advantage of the picturesque running tracks and outdoor areas within Rothwell.

“Raj and I are very active people and we do a lot of running. There are lots of tracks to run along and the beautiful landscapes will definitely motivate us to explore the outdoors,” she said.

“This is the second house we’ve built and we can’t wait to start. It’s incredibly exciting for us as once we’ve moved in we’ll invite our families from India to visit us. This is not only a home for our future children, but also for our extended families,” Neeha said.

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