Rothwell: naturally brilliant

Dacland’s Rothwell community in Tarneit is in a prime positon, not just because it’s close to Tarneit railway station and key amenities, but also because of the natural characteristics and beauty of the land which make it an exceptional place to build a new home.

The new community is edged on the east by Skeleton Creek and dissected by the larger Dry Creek corridor. It features undulating land that provides private, safe enclosed pockets for residents as well grand open views of the overall community and hinterland beyond.

“It’s a perfect combination of intimate enclosure and grandeur at the same time. Rothwell is located on one of the best sites I have ever worked with,” said Dacland’s Design Specialist Yurie Tyblewych.

Dacland’s intelligent urban design ensures all residents have great connection to streets, open spaces and parks, and natural waterways.

Yurie says this approach provides people with a pleasant living space, and also creates a sense of security.

“This means residents are able to enjoy their private dwellings as well as the proposed neighbourhood open spaces and the streetscape. We envisage a safe and secure environment where kids can play while their parents and older siblings meet, chat and socialise,” he said.

Dacland’s design incorporates a variety of intimate streetscapes creating pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly roads that connect residents with vibrant gardens and more restful places.

Works are well underway on a beautiful wide entranceway that will create a real sense of space and grandeur as residents travel to and from their homes every day.

Watch this space for updates about the extraordinary parklands and open space that Dacland is designing within this exciting new community.

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