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To achieve a high quality

of design and construction

at Rothwell, specific safeguards

have been implemented by

Dacland to protect the interests

of residents.

The Design Guidelines serve

as reassurance for residents

expecting a high quality of built

form by minimising the potential

risk of disharmony occurring

between neighbouring dwellings.

Rothwell, being an accredited

EnviroDevelopment, achieving

six leaves of sustainability

requires the introduction of

additional mandated design

guidelines to help purchasers

contribute to creating a

sustainable community.

EnviroDevelopment is

a nationally recognized

independent scientific

certification program delivered

by the Urban Development

Institute of Australia. This highly

coveted certification is presented

to communities that excel in

sustainability, and go beyond

the minimum compliance

standards to further benefit

future residents living in the


The Design Guidelines may be

amended from time to time at

the developer’s discretion to

reflect changes in design

and building trends and/or

amendments to legislation

affecting building approvals.


Approval is required from the Design Approval

Committee (DAC) for the construction of all new

dwellings, garages, fences, sheds and any other

structures on any allotment within Rothwell.

Upon receiving approval from the DAC, the

applicant must then obtain building approval for

the dwelling from the local council/independent

building surveyor and/or any other governing

authority. It is the responsibility of the applicant to

ensure all proposed works meet relevant authority

requirements and to ensure that the required

permits are obtained.

The DAC will assess all designs and endorse the

submission documents if they comply with the

Design Guidelines. Any conditions imposed by the

DAC must be complied with.

If the design submission does not comply with

the Design Guidelines, the DAC will advise the

applicant on the areas of non-compliance.

Applicants will then be required to submit

amended plans to gain approval.

Submissions will be assessed against the current

version of the Design Guidelines. The final decision

regarding all aspects of the Design Guidelines

will be at the discretion of the DAC. The DAC also

reserve the right to waive or vary any requirement

of the Design Guidelines.

The DAC will endeavour to assess submissions

within 10 business days.

Well planned.