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A copy of the following must be submitted to the DAC, either via post or email.

1. Site Plan (scale 1 : 200)

• Must indicate all boundary setback dimensions, total site coverage and

floor areas, site contours, north point, easements, vehicle crossover,

driveway and other non-permeable surfaces, fencing details, ancillary

items, any proposed outbuildings and details of any proposed

retaining walls.

2. Floor Plans (minimum scale 1 : 100)

• Must indicate all key dimensions and internal layout including rooms,

pergola, decks, terraces, balconies, verandahs, windows and doors,

openings and ancillary items.

3. Elevations (minimum scale 1 : 100)

• Must include all 4 elevations and indicate building heights, finished

floor-to-ceiling levels, roof pitch, eaves depth, external finishes, ancillary

items, existing ground levels, proposed earthworks and details of any

proposed retaining walls.

4. External Colour and Material Selection

• Must include details of all proposed external colours and materials

including brands, colour names and colour swatches where possible.

5. Signed driveway and fencing template

(refer to section 18)

6. Completed waste management checklist

(refer to section 19)

7. Completed energy efficient form

(refer to section 20)

8. Completed application form

(refer to section 17)

Well planned.